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Avoiding business identity fraud and theft, avoiding personal identity fraud and theft

Prevent identity fraud and theft

Identity fraud and theft doesn't only happen online - it happens offline, too. Criminals access your personal information - online and offline - and use it for their own benefit

Individuals and businesses can fall prey to identity fraud & theft

Everyone needs to be alert to sensitive information which can be used for fraudulent purposes. The right information in the wrong hands can allow fraudsters to assume the identity of individuals - and businesses

It is often the most innocent looking of documents which can be of use to fraudsters. It is best practice to securely destroy of anything which can identify you, an employee, or your business. This includes emails which have been printed (as your email address is displayed), business invoices, delivery invoices, receipts when a card has been used, and much more.

How does identity fraud happen?

Fraudsters have many ways of finding the information they need to assume an individual or business' identity. They take a few key pieces of information, which often look innocent enough on their own but when combined can enable them to assume an identity

More often than not, the fraud is not noticed for some time, allowing damage to be done

Business directors face an increasing threat

Company directors are twice as likely to be the victim of identity fraud. Their identities are then used to create new accounts and obtain finance and enter contracts under the director's name - harming both the individual and the business

In 2018, the Goverment changed the laws regarding addresses on Companies House listings, but many home addresses of directors are still listed. More information from the Government on this change

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Prevent personal identity theft & fraud

For individuals, it can take up to a year for identity fraud or theft to be discovered. Be sure to protect anything which contains any information about you, your family, and your pets and destroy any papers which no longer need to be retained.

It is often a utility bill which is used for identification purposes to prove your address, so your water bill can be used to steal your identity! Be secure, and ensure all papers with any kind of information which could identify you or your family and pets are kept secure, and completely destroyed instead of simply putting them in the rubbish or the recycling bin

How may we help with your efforts to prevent identity fraud?

If you're unsure about what to shred, our what should be shred guide can help - you'd be surprised at what information can be used to assume an identity!

Our frequently asked questions about paper shredding cover many of the commonly asked questions about shredding. You can also ring our offices or contact us - we're glad to help!

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